How is TLA different from other education consulting firms?

First, our team includes former school founders, owners, and directors, so we understand the education business, as well as the regulatory environment. When we advise clients regarding compliance issues, we always consider business realities, too.

Second, unlike many of our competitors, we actually provide comprehensive “hands on” service that guides an institution through regulatory processes, from beginning to completion; we don’t simply provide a training seminar, then disappear.

Finally, we have expertise in interactive distance learning (IDL) , school management software (SMS), and other rapidly evolving Internet technologies that are transforming the way education services are managed and delivered. The TLA team can show you how to cut costs, increase revenues, and improve student outcomes by integrating these new technologies into your institution.

Do you have experience working with intensive English program (IEP) schools?

Yes, solving IEP school regulatory issues is one of TLA’s specialties. Are you struggling to bring your school into compliance with The Accreditation of English Language Training Programs Act? Many intensive English program (IEP) schools are in serious danger of being forced out of business by the strict new regulations that have been enacted. Don’t wait until your school is beyond saving: Contact us today if you need help resolving serious IEP regulatory issues. Our IEP school services include:

• Initial accreditation guidance (ACCET and CEA)
• Reaccreditation guidance (ACCET and CEA)
• Team site visit response document review
• Corrective action plan formulation
• Accreditation deferral assistance
• Accreditation appeals assistance

What other types of academic institutions does TLA work with?

Our clients have included private post-secondary schools, colleges, and universities offering a wide variety of programs, ranging from the certificate, through the Ph.D., level. Some of the academic areas in which we are  especially experienced include music, arts & design, business, communications, marketing, advertising, Asian medicine, theology, psychology, makeup design, language acquisition (including intensive English programs), allied health, and liberal arts. However, we work with institutions of all types.

How much do you charge for your services?

TLA’s flexible price structure is based on four Service Tiers, so you pay only for the level of assistance you need:

Tier 1 (Basic): The TLA team reviews applications and response documents you have written and makes recommendations to ensure regulatory agency standards are met.

Tier 2 (Basic+): In addition to providing the services outlines in Tier 1, the TLA team creates required forms as needed and provides file management review (e.g. financials, student records, STRF, etc.).

Tier 3 (Standard): In addition to providing the services outlined in Tiers 1 and 2, the TLA team creates the required documents (e.g., catalogs, enrollment agreements, self-evaluation reports, etc.) for you and provides on-site regulatory compliance training to your staff.

Tier 4 (Comprehensive): In addition to providing the services outlined in Tiers 1, 2, and 3, the TLA team assumes management responsibility for  your regulatory project (e.g., state approval to operate, SEVIS I-17 application, accreditation, etc.).

The price range for each Service Tier is determined by project category and factors such as institution size, skills and experience of existing staff, and project time frame. Please call TLA for a quotation.


Does TLA offer payment plans?

Yes, we want to make our services as affordable as possible, and upon request we will outline a payment plan schedule and terms when we submit a formal consulting services price quotation.

Does TLA work with clients located outside California?

Yes.  Although we are based in Southern California, we offer statewide and international service. Most of our clients are located outside California, and the services we provide are conducted via phone and email communications. In certain circumstances we will send a TLA team member (or team of specialists) to a client’s campus to perform staff training sessions or a site audit.

I’m interested in establishing a new institution. Can TLA help me with business planning as well as regulatory issues?

Yes. The TLA team has many years of experience planning, establishing, and managing new academic institutions; we consider this to be an area of specialty.

Does TLA have experience working with school owners who speak English as a second language?

Yes, we are very comfortable working with non-native speakers of English from diverse backgrounds. Our client base has included Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Thai, German, Russian, Portuguese, Farsi, Spanish, and Italian speakers, among others.

Why should my school get accredited?

There are many benefits to getting your school accredited. Some or all of these benefits may apply to your school.

  • Ability of your students to apply for FAFSA financial aid
  • Improved transferability of credit from your institution to others
  • Prestige, higher standard of student body
  • Enhanced quality assurance for entire institution
  • Prerequisite for IEPs to obtain SEVIS approval to issue Form I-20 (leading to the F-1 Student Visa)
  • Increased appeal to potential buyers and investors

This is a partial list of the most important benefits that accreditation confers. For more information, or to set up an appointment to discuss accreditation options, please fill out our Contact Us form on the right of the page.

My school needs to hire top-level administrators. Can TLA help?

Yes. There are two ways we can help with hiring. We can assist with hiring permanent administrators, or we can act as interim directors/administrators during big projects.

In the first scenario, we assist a school in the process of finding, selecting, and training new executives or administrators. We essentially become your temporary human resources department during the hiring period. Then, once we have found the right candidate for the position, we ensure that the new hire receives any required training. Bringing on consultants in this way can greatly simplify and expedite the hiring process.

In the second scenario, a TLA associate acts as interim director/administrator in order to facilitate a transition or complete a large-scale project. Often it benefits a project to have a fresh set of eyes overseeing its execution, without prior connections to other staff, and without political motivations. Our staff will supplement your existing directors’ expertise and experience, to ensure a successful outcome for your institutional project. These types of projects might include accreditations, financial aid applications, IT migrations or roll-outs, new campus openings, or comprehensive quality evaluations.