In today’s increasingly strict regulatory environment, we strongly suggest you take a proactive approach to BPPE compliance. As has been recently publicized, the BPPE’s enforcement division is actively investigating out-of-compliance schools, and issuing abatement orders, tuition restitution orders, and assessing citations of up to $50,000. Disciplinary Actions are posted on the BPPE website for viewing by students and other interested parties. Take action now: once you receive a BPPE Citation Letter, it’s extremely difficult to avoid potentially devastating penalties.

The Tri-Logos & Associates, Inc. (TLA) consulting team can help you bring your institution into compliance with The Education Act of 2009 and its many amendments. Our services include:

• BPPE Applications for Approval (or Renewal of Approval)
• BPPE Deficiency Letter Responses & Corrective Action
• BPPE Catalog Revisions
• BPPE Enrollment Agreement Revisions
• BPPE Compliance Inspection Preparation

If you need help with California Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education compliance issues, contact TLA today for a free initial consultation.

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