Are you confident your administrative staff or education consultant has written an ASER or SER that presents your institution in the best possible light? With many intensive English program (IEP) schools rushing to meet the Accreditation of English Language Training Programs Act mandate, this question must be on the mind of many school owners and administrators. Although the TLA team has extensive experience writing and evaluating the SERs required by a wide variety of accrediting commissions (regional, national, and programmatic), guiding ESL schools through the accreditation process is one of our areas of special expertise. Whether your IEP is undergoing ACCET or CEA accreditation, TLA is available to help. We offer a range of services, from Basic (review & recommendations) to Comprehensive (project management, extensive editing & rewriting, and staff training). Our SER Review Service is a cost-effective way for school owners and administrators to get help with the preparation of this essential document.

Mary Hagen, TLA’s CAO and Compliance Specialist, has served as an ESL Subject Specialist and Team Chair on more than 250 site visits for ACCET.  She has also served on five task forces to set ESL accreditation standards (including two for ACCET) and two state task forces for ESL standards (California). Ms. Hagen is the author of six ESL textbooks, and she has established four postsecondary ESL programs (taking them from conception to accreditation).  She is  experienced in working with a wide variety of accrediting agencies, including CEA, ACCSC, NASM, NAST, ACICS, and WASC, and she has assisted in the writing and reviewing of countless SERs and ASERs in her more than fifteen years as an education consultant.  Analytic Self-Evaluation Reports are complex documents that require a deep understanding of school policies and procedures, as well as accrediting commission requirements. Ms. Hagen is able to review SERs and ASERs from a position of vast experience and with a thorough understanding of what accreditation on-site teams and commissions are looking for.

If you need help preparing your ASER or SER, please contact the TLA team for pricing, turnaround time, and other details.

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