Yes. There are two ways we can help with hiring. We can assist with hiring permanent administrators, or we can act as interim directors/administrators during big projects.

In the first scenario, we assist a school in the process of finding, selecting, and training new executives or administrators. We essentially become your temporary human resources department during the hiring period. Then, once we have found the right candidate for the position, we ensure that the new hire receives any required training. Bringing on consultants in this way can greatly simplify and expedite the hiring process.

In the second scenario, a TLA associate acts as interim director/administrator in order to facilitate a transition or complete a large-scale project. Often it benefits a project to have a fresh set of eyes overseeing its execution, without prior connections¬†to other staff, and without political motivations. Our staff will supplement your existing directors’ expertise and experience, to ensure a successful outcome for your institutional project. These types of projects might include accreditations, financial aid applications, IT migrations or roll-outs, new campus openings, or comprehensive quality evaluations.


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