For those BPPE stakeholders unable to attend tomorrow’s meeting, please be aware that there will be a live webcast. Here is the verbatim text of a reminder and update distributed by the BPPE via e-mail:

This is a reminder and an update regarding the Stakeholders Meeting being held tomorrow (Wednesday) at 1:30pm at 1747 N Market Blvd. Room #186, Sacramento, CA 95834. This is the hearing room in DCA’s HQ2 building.

There will be webcast. The link is already located at the bottom of the announcement on the Bureau’s webpage ( Click on “webcast” which will take you to the DCA’s Live Webcast page. Scroll down to the calendar and select our meeting on the calendar.

Those wishing to send in comments or thoughts afterward, may email them to Kent Gray at who is the contact person.

The topics are Application Processing (Regulations Chapter 2; sections 71100 to 71660) and Institutional Operating Standards (Regulations Chapter 3, but only Articles 1 & 2; sections 71700 to 71865)

PLEASE NOTE: While there will be a power point, handouts will not be provided. Those attending are welcome to bring their own copy of the regulations or a print out the sections being discussed.

The Bureau has a copy of the 2015 regulations on its website (, there is a printer friendly version which can be selected in the top right by clicking on “printer friendly version.” This version does not include last year’s update for the Accreditation for Degree-Granting Institutions regulations at this time.That text is available separately at

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