Many owners of coding boot camps and academies are unaware of the serious consequences of operating without approval in states that have authorization requirements. In California, for example, private schools, colleges, and universities require state approval to operate from the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE), and the penalties for operating without approval can be severe: The BPPE’s Enforcement Division is actively investigating unapproved schools, and issuing abatement orders, tuition restitution orders, and assessing fines of up to $50,000. Disciplinary Actions are posted on the BPPE website for viewing by students and other interested parties. Only a few types of private postsecondary education providers qualify for exemption from BPPE oversight; contrary to popular belief, “studios,” “workshops,” exclusively online programs, and not-for-profit organizations must, in most cases, obtain state approval to operate. (For further information regarding “exempt status” in California please visit the BPPE website: States such as Illinois, Massachusetts, and New York have similarly strict authorization regulations.

Tri-Logos & Associates, Inc. is a consulting firm that specializes in providing solutions to the challenging regulatory issues facing private postsecondary educational institutions nationwide. The TLA consulting team can help you prepare a state authorization application that will bring your institution into compliance with the requirements of the relevant state agency. TLA has been retained by thirteen coding schools to assist in obtaining state authorization in California (BPPE), Illinois (IBHE), Massachusetts (OPOSE) and New York (BPSS), and we are experienced at working with many other state authorization boards, as well. Our regulatory compliance services include:

• Application for Approval to Operate an Institution Non-Accredited
• Application for Addition of a Separate Branch
• Application for Change of Business Organization/Control/Ownership
• Application for Change of Education Objective
• Application for Change of Method of Educational Delivery
• Application for Change of Location
• Application for Renewal of Approval
• Application for Approval by Means of Accreditation
• SB 1246 & SB 1247 Compliance Guidance
• Accreditation Plans for Degree-Granting Institutions
• BPPE Annual Report Assistance
• BPPE Compliance Inspection Preparation
• BPPE Deficiency Letter Response Preparation & Corrective Action Plans
• BPPE Statement of Issues & Other Enforcement Action Response Preparation
• ESL Program Accreditation (ACCET & CEA)
• SEVIS Certification Guidance (I-17 application for permission to enroll foreign students)
• State Authorization (all state agencies, including BPSS, IBHE, OPOSE, SCHEV, etc.)
• Accreditation Guidance (all Education Department-approved agencies: regional, national, and institutional)

For more information on how the Tri-Logos consulting team can assist you in reaching a positive outcome with regulatory compliance issues, please contact us to schedule a free phone consultation.

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