The ACCET and CEA August 2014 Commission Meetings are coming up soon. Are you still struggling to bring your school into compliance with The Accreditation of English Language Training Programs Act? In today’s hyper-regulatory environment, failure to get accredited has serious consequences, and many IEP schools are at risk of being forced out of business by the strict new regulations that have been enacted. But, in many cases, there’s still time to turn a likely negative outcome into a positive—if you act now.

Tri-Logos & Associates, Inc. is a consulting firm that specializes in providing solutions to the complex regulatory issues facing intensive English program (IEP) schools. Although we are located in Southern California, we work with clients nationwide and internationally, and we have successfully guided many IEP schools through the ACCET and CEA accreditation processes. Further, we have helped school owners reach positive outcomes in addressing a wide variety of regulatory issues. The services we provide include:

• Initial accreditation guidance (ACCET and CEA)
• Reaccreditation guidance (ACCET and CEA)
• Comprehensive ASER or Self-study review
• Comprehensive ASER or Self-study Exhibits review
• Team site visit preparation guidance
• Team site visit response document review
• Corrective action plan formulation
• Deferred accreditation assistance
• Accreditation appeals assistance
• SEVIS issues assistance
• State authorization issues assistance
• Curriculum development

Don’t wait until your school is beyond saving: Contact us today if you need help resolving serious IEP regulatory issues: (800) 946-1637 ext 101.

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