Navigating the ever-changing arena of regulatory compliance places a tremendous burden on school owners and administrators. But the Tri-Logos & Associates, Inc. (TLA) consulting team provides a variety of services that can greatly reduce the stress and time involved in meeting all NACCAS Standards. Whether you are filing an initial application for accreditation or attempting to bring a NACCAS-accredited school back into full compliance, the TLA team can guide you to a successful outcome. Our NACCAS compliance services include:

• Institutional self-studies (narratives & exhibits)
• Candidate applications
• Initial applications
• Mock site visits
• Renewal of accreditation
• Branch campus applications
• Change of location
• Response to commission findings
• On-site visit preparation
• Addition of new program
• Course self-studies
• Stipulations
• Deferrals
• Appeals
• Complaints
• Show cause
• Low outcomes
• Improvement plan
• Probation requirements
• Reporting requirements
• File review
• File organization
• Verification of required documents
• Preparation of documents for on-site team visit

If you need help with NACCAS accreditation issues, contact us today for a free initial consultation.

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