We often receive questions from clients who need to make changes to their SEVIS I-17 while their school is going through the recertification process. This week, the Department of Homeland Security’s “Study in the States” website addresses this issue:

Question: How do I make changes to the Form I-17, “Petition for Approval of School for Attendance by Nonimmigrant Student,” during recertification?

Answer: SEVP requires school officials to submit all necessary updates to their school’s Form I-17 before the principal designated school official submits for recertification. While all information must be current and accurate at the time of submission, sometimes school operations or staffing may change while the school’s recertification petition is pending.

If your school needs to add or remove DSOs while its recertification petition is pending, please contact the SEVIS Help Desk at 800-892-4829. The Help Desk will assist you in getting these individuals added without affecting the recertification process. If other information needs to be updated on the Form I-17, such as an addition of a new degree or a change of location, contact the Recertification Team at recert.sevis@ice.dhs.gov. An adjudicator will help you incorporate any necessary changes into the pending recertification petition.

Check out the “Study in the States” site at:

Also, for more information regarding the recertification process, visit the DHS’s “Recertification Resources” page:

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