Today’s SEVP “Study in the States” website blog “Questions from Designated School Officials” provides useful guidelines on how PDSOs and DSOs should update Form I-17 to reflect school ownership/leadership changes. Note that updates must be made within strict time frames:

Question: When does a DSO update school leadership information in the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS)?

Answer: The principal designated school official (PDSO) needs to keep the school’s Form I-17, “Petition for Approval of School for Attendance by Nonimmigrant Student,” up to date. SEVP requires the PDSO to update information in SEVIS whenever there are any changes on the owner and any DSO (including the PDSO), as well as any changes in school information. An update must be made within 21 days the change.

If ownership of the school changes, a school’s SEVP-certification may be automatically withdrawn if the PDSO doesn’t update that information in SEVIS within 60 days of the change.

The PDSO should e-mail an updated, scanned copy of Form I-17A, Page 2, to SEVP at with the signature of the PDSO, as petitioner, and any newly nominated DSOs or new owner.


8 CFR 214.3(l)(1)(ii)

8 CFR 214.3(g)(2)(i)

For more information see the “Study in the States” website:

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