California BPPE Compliance Inspection Assistance

The BPPE’s Enforcement Division is currently conducting Compliance Inspections at private postsecondary institutions throughout California. These inspections consist of a comprehensive document request, followed by an announced site visit and a later unannounced site visit. The results of these inspections are posted on the BPPE website, where all violations are available for viewing by students and other interested parties.

Further, the BPPE’s Enforcement Division is actively investigating student complaints against schools, issuing abatement orders and levying fines ranging from $5,000 to $50,000 per violation. In this increasingly strict regulatory environment, we strongly suggest you take a proactive approach to BPPE compliance. The Education Act of 2009 is a complex document that has been amended repeatedly, and many California postsecondary schools have failed to keep their policies and procedures up to date.

The TLA team can help you prepare for (or respond to) Compliance Inspections by reviewing your school records, implementing required policies and procedures, and training your staff to pass site visit interviews.

Accrediting Commission Self-Evaluation Report (SER) Review

Are you confident your administrative staff is able to write an SER that will present your institution in the best possible light? The TLA team has extensive experience writing and evaluating the SERs required by ACCET, CEA, ACCSC, ACAOM, WASC, and other commissions. Our SER review service is a cost-effective way of helping to ensure your institution’s report will meet accrediting commission standards.


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