TLA’s flexible price structure is based on four Service Tiers, so you pay only for the level of assistance you need:

Tier 1 (Basic): The TLA team reviews applications and response documents you have written and makes recommendations to ensure regulatory agency standards are met.

Tier 2 (Basic+): In addition to providing the services outlines in Tier 1, the TLA team creates regulatory agency forms as needed and provides file management review (e.g. financials, student records, STRF, etc.).

Tier 3 (Standard): In addition to providing the services outlined in Tiers 1 and 2, the TLA team creates major documents (e.g., catalogs, enrollment agreements, self-evaluation reports, etc.) for you and provides on-site regulatory compliance training to your staff.

Tier 4 (Comprehensive): In addition to providing the services outlined in Tiers 1, 2, and 3, the TLA team assumes management responsibility for your regulatory project (e.g., state approval to operate, SEVIS I-17 application, accreditation, etc.).

The price range for each Service Tier is determined by project category and factors such as institution size, skills and experience of existing staff, and project time frame, so please call TLA for a quotation.


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